Active wear in Pakistan – Can you find good quality?

With a rising global trend of health & fitness, working out and active wear has become increasingly popular. With men and women both taking charge of their health. Living in a globalised world with social media playing an integral part to our life, Pakistanis have become more aware of the benefits of exercise and fitness to their physical and mental well being. So, active wear in Pakistan have started making sales.

The health and fitness industry in Pakistan is undergoing a boom. Where people are more informed of their dietary habits, and aware of their fitness regimes. 

Consumers are now willing to spend more on their fitness and this has led to a demand for good quality gym wear/ sportswear.

Activewear “athleisure” has now become a life style, a way of life. Long gone are those days where sportswear was seen a luxury. It’s a far cry from the days where we grabbed our oldest T shirt and wore it to the gym. In today’s time everyone wants to look good while working out. They want to share their snapchat and insta stories of the latest pilates class they took.

With the rise of the dollar rate, and high tariffs on imports, it is becoming increasing difficult for people to buy activewear from over priced International brands. No body wants to stretch their buck for a pair of tights. With dire economic condition of our country it makes sense for people to buy local and support their country.

This begs the question “Is it possible to buy good quality athletic wear in Pakistan?”

Pakistan being the hub to many international sporting brands, where we export all over the world. The answer to the question is “why not?”.

You can find some great local brands of active wear in Pakistan that have launched their sportswear line especially for women. Not only are they more affordable than international sports brands available locally, but they have greater variety of T Shirts, Tank tops, Sports Bras, Leggings with different colours and prints. They will also give you a better service and most importantly they understand your needs better.

If you wont buy local then who will?

So what are you waiting for? Shop away and jazz up your gym wardrobe with the coolest designs, colours, and prints.




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