What style of legging suits your body type? Active wear & Workout gear in Pakistan

Active wear & Workout gear – The Bottom Battle: Low Rise vs. High Waist

Fashion magazine, Vogue identifies athleisure a rising trend which comprises of style, comfort, and function. Specially for Active wear & Workout gear, they must look fit.

People are looking for clothes which they can wear to the gym as well as look great in them on the streets. Athleisure has merged urban, sports and fashion which resonates a different lifestyle.

With the rise of athleisure into a multibillion dollar industry, leggings have become an essential part of our everyday wardrobe. With all the colour and styles out there it can be tricky figuring out what looks good. Since legging are essentially to workout in, feeling comfortable is also imperative.

What style of legging suits your body type? when choosing Active wear & Workout gear.

Everyone carries fat and muscle differently; two people could be the exact same height and weight and yet look completely different. Hence we will layout a guide to help you choose the right Active wear & Workout gear,  style of leggings for your body type.

Hour glass body type

If you’re curvy all over with a smaller waist, you should choose legging with high waist to showcase your enviable hourglass shape. The higher cuts slim at the midsection, making your curves look flatter. High-rise tights will also highlight the slimmest point of your figure, at the same time covering your stomach.

Additional tip: Try a style with side-paneling; this will make your legs look longer.

Apple shape body type

Apple shaped women tend to carry extra weight around the middle. If you’re an apple shape, you probably have wide shoulders, thinner arms and legs.

A low rise legging will squeeze your waist, creating a muffin top. Mid-rise leggings that sit just at your natural waist are best suited for this body type. This will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Additional tip: Go for legging with mesh detailing at the bottom like our bare necessities tights. Stick to darker colours that are of low-key tone.

Pear Shape Body

Women with pear shape bodies have ample hips and thighs, usually with a smaller bust and waist. Some pear shapes also have shorter legs, though this isn’t always the case.

A higher rise of jean can do wonders for a pear figure. This is because a high rise style provides great coverage for your hips, while visually elongating your legs. Choose the tights that have a wide waistband, hitting right below the belly button. This will ensure the pants do not dig into your waist, keeping them comfortable to wear.

Additional tip: Avoid crop styles and prints. Go for solid bold colours

Rectangle shape Body

Women with rectangle shape normally have slim hips and a straight up-and-down figure. This body type will look good in most styles. If you’re a tall, slender women looking to add feminine curves, a low rise legging can make your hips and butt look curvier, while lengthening your torso to balance out long legs.

Ideally the rise should hit be right below the belly button. This will also make your waist look narrow.

Additionally: Go bold, with different prints and colours.

Petit Curvy or Slim

Going to extremes with your rise either by wearing a very high-rise legging or a very low-rise can throw a petite body out of balance. A full length low rise will make your legs and hips look wide. A medium or a higher waistband will help contain the torso and provide coverage at the hips. This will help prevent a muffin top.

If you want to go for a low-rise legging than make sure it’s a crop. A crop (3/4) legging will tend to elongate your legs making you look taller.

Additional: Be more adventurous with cutouts, try different prints. Colour blocking does miracles for this body type.

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