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Sportswear in Pakistan
Sportswear in Pakistan

Sportswear in Pakistan

HARAKA (meaning; movement) aims to become more than just an activewear brand; we perceive the idea of fitness holistically. We want to be a driving force of positivity, in the arena of fitness and sportswear in Pakistan.

Staying healthy has become an essential part of today’s society. Hence, working out/ physical activity is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, in and out of the gym, studio, and field. Activewear is becoming a basic requirement.

Despite Pakistan being a hub to manufacturing of all major sports, gym wear and activewear brands; options in buying active wear, locally, were very limited and over priced. We aim at making it easy to buy sportswear in Pakistan.

Our vision was to create more than just a place where people could buy affordable active wear or sportswear in Pakistan. We wanted our customers to be able to be true to their style, while maintaining tactile functionality. We have tried to maximise comfort by designing our own unique measurement and fittings.

It is an essential part of our ethos to integrate our culture into our designs. Hence we work with many different artists all over Pakistan and try to integrate their art into our clothes.

We continuously take our customer feedback and try to come up with something special for each of our new collections. Our team of product designers, come up with many different styles every week and only a few of those designs make the cut.

Collaborating with trainers from all over Pakistan, we plan to create videos educating our customers on different workout routines, exercises and diet plans.

It is imperative for us to create close relationships with our customers, and join them in celebrating their fitness goals.

Essentially we want to create a community based on trust and acceptance. So come and be a part of the HARAKA community.